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The Film Workshop commissioner is hired for one year at a time, and is hired by a committee consisting of a board member, a member of the Film Workshop user group, the employee representative, and the Manager of the Film Workshop. The commissioner must be qualified to make a professional and artistic evaluation of the types of film, for which the Film Workshop receives applications, primarily documents and fiction. It is required of the commissioner that she/he can express them selves verbally and in writing about film. Their previous work must be respected work, and the commissioner must see the applicants as potential talents.

The commissioner is hired for one year. The commissioner makes the artistic assessments and identifies the development possibilities of the projects in writing and at meetings. After the round the commissioner can offer further commission for the granted projects, if the director wishes.


Applications are only accepted by e-mail and receive a brief confirmation soon after receipt. All applications are reviewed for gaps and technical problems regarding support, and application material is placed in digital folders. Data is presented in the database. The day after the deadline the commissioner will receive an iPad with all application materials. The commissioner has approximately 10 days to read and view the material. There are usually between 50 to 80 applications, which amounts to 1500 and 2000 pages in total. The commissioner is asked to read all the applications.

The commissioner is subject to confidentiality and the Danish Public Administration Act.


The primary purpose of the meeting is to review all applications and gather as much information about the applicant and the project as possible. There will be particular emphasis on the applicant’s previous work and the visual material for the project. The Manager is in charge of the agenda and for each application the Manager’s knowledge about the applicant will be presented. The commissioner will present the assessment of the project, which will be discussed and evaluated. Questions will be discussed. This leads to a decision on whether the project gets refused or continues in the round.

At the end of the meeting, the commissioner asks the Producer of the Film Workshop to call selected applicants for a Development Meeting, and the dates for these meetings will be settled.


The commissioner is asked as soon as possible after the meeting to make sure to write the refusal letters. Surely, it is not the most encouraging part of the commissioner’s work. Therefore we often experience that these refusal letters are not written within the preferred time frame.


Development Meetings are ½- 1 hour and are usually held at the Film Workshop.     At the meeting the commissioner will try to get an impression of the applicant and get answers to questions in order to clarify doubts and uncertainties. Usually the commissioner asks the applicant for a rewriting of the script or to record and edit a dummy or a scene. For documentary applications, the applicant may also be asked to rewrite or produce a dummy or a short sequence of the main character in the film.

The commissioner decides the deadline for submission of this material, which will be a few days prior to the Decision Meeting.


Based on the Development Meetings, the commissioner will inform which projects the Producer will assess technically and financially. The assessment “measures” how much the project will require of the Film Workshop’s equipment, personnel and budget as well as evaluates the project’s ability to set a realistic production plan with a qualified team.


In the Decision Meeting, the commissioner presents a priority list of shortlisted applicants. As a general guideline we do not set more than 12 films in progress per round. But it may well be less – or more – depending on the characteristics of the projects and the resources required from the Film Workshop.

In order to get a grant, it is required that the project is ready for production. A number of projects will not be ready to go into production. The commissioner can then refuse Production Support but grant Development Support of up to 5,000 kr.

The commissioner will then write the Refusal of Application Letter, explain the reasons for shortlisted projects, and write development plans for those projects that are granted with Development Support after being refused for Production Support.

The round is over and refusals and applications are sent to the next round.