About the Workshop

Klip3 – foto: Oliver Grundtvig

Editing suite 3. – photo: Oliver Grundtvig

Since the establishment of New Danish Screen the Film Workshop has primarily worked with the semi-professional group of talents, providing support for minor and larger film production. Our support primarily consists of access to professional equipment for production, financial support for basic productions costs and consultancy. Secondarily we provide support for talent development by offering seminars, workshops and counselling.

The Film Workshop is aimed at young people with potential to establish a professional career within the film sector. We have a large network and offer inspiration and guidance that can help the filmmaker in further education or employment in the film sector.

The Film Workshop supports approximately 45 productions a year – documentary, fiction, short film and on rare occasions feature film. You can apply for support from the Film Workshop four times a year by submitting an application. Read more about options for support, support conditions, deadlines, guidelines for your application – and download the application form.

Other projects

The Workshop initiates various innovative projects and events such as FILM-X, Dox Connected & Kamikaze amongst others. Get more information about the current projects & workshops, or read about previous projects.

2014: Nordic Twilight – is an outreach project to enhance genre film.

2013: Your Webisode – 4 webisodes.


2008: Seminars and workshops / CLIPS

2007: Seminars and workshops / Dox Connection – Documentary Network

2006: Seminars and workshops / DOX Netwise

2005: Seminars and workshops / BOOST THE DOX

2004: Seminars and workshops on script writing and production

2003: Seminars and workshops on script writing and production

200: FILM – X

2001: The Interactive Film – 3 interactive film projects

1999: The digi- X – 4 visual effects short film

1999 : Interactive Platform

1999: The Digital Days II

1998: Digital Workshop – 14 visual effects short films and interactive 3 pilot projects

1998: The Festival Digital Days

1996: The 5th Copenhagen Film + Video Festival Workshop

1995: Copenhagen about 1995-25 short films by dogma rules