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A new generation of socially committed documentary directors

The 5 film that were chosen from 98 proposals, were released on November 16th 2006:


The Love Police

Director: Kirster Moltzen

What does it take for two people to have a real marriage? Must they love each other? And if so, how much? And if not, what should a real marriage contain? This is a film about love and marriage and control of married life.

En vej frem ( A Way Forward)

Directors: Freja H. Lyngkjær Petersen and Rune Selsing.

A film about the friendship between the 69-year-old former legal secretary Bodil and the boys Ismael, aged 22 from Somalia, and Alae, aged 19 from Iraq. They all live in Akacieparken – a disadvantaged residential area in the periphery of Copenhagen. We meet the three of them just as they have started a social volunteer project in Akacieparken.

Toxic Ground

Director: Michael Graversen

Producers: Lise saxtrup and Stine Hambuger

Michael Graversen is not aware, that Grindsted, where he grew up, is also home to one of the three largest pollution scandals in Denmark. When he hears about the threatening prospects for ground water on the radio, he becomes aware that he grew up surrounded by chemical waste.

The Friendship Association

Director: Christoffer Dreyer

Producer: Thomas Mosebo.

Is it possible to have an allotment and at the same time support a regime in North Korea?

The Friendship Association is a film about a Danish-North Korean friendship association and their tireless struggle for a society and an ideology far from Denmark.

Squat 69

Director: Anders Hornstrup, David B. Sørensen, Morten Revsgaard Frederiksen, Toke Gade Crone Kristiansen.

The film title refers to the message from Ungdomshuset (“The Youth House”) ”For sale – 500 stone-throwing autonomous violent psychopaths from hell included” when the politicians decided to sell the controversial mysterious house on Nørrebro in 1999. The house was later bought by the Christian sect “Faderhuset” (The Father House), and a year-long trial on the rights to use the house started. The trial was settled in 2006.