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The finished films are available at until the end of 2009.

A CLIPS is a filmic narrative/statement of limited length for the web-newspaper

A CLIPS is unpredictable, thought-provoking, perceptive and might open a debate. A CLIPS must take the challenge from the proliferating world of visual impressions, meeting the expectations of the web-paper’s readers, and challenge the borderlands between film and internet, using a filmic idiom.

It may be the ‘cherished’ clip, you did not fit into the finished film. Or it may be the most authentic moment, a filmic poetry, a proclamation, an observation or a fun comment in film form. ‘The secret clip’ from an upcoming of older production, research notes, private archive material or a small reportage..


  1. A brief written idea for a film, for which you already have the footage; a rough cut or a teaser on DVD must be sent to the DFI, CLIPS editorial office or the Film Workshop.
  2. A finished CLIPS on DVD that you send to the DFI, the CLIPS editorial office or the Film Workshop.


The editorial staff consisted of the commissioners Michael Haslund-Christensen, Miriam Nørgård, Dola Bonfil from the newspaper Politiken, and Prami Larsen who is the daily manager of the Film Workshop.

20.000 PR. CLIPS

The editorial office supported 12 CLIPS for DFI supported with DKK 20.000 per finished CLIPS.

The first CLIPS was shown October 30th. Every day up to and during CPH:DOX new CLIPS was released. All CLIPS are available on CLIPS and CPH: DOX 08 will collaborate in the marketing by Politiken.


The Danish Film Institute, when granting support, holds the rights to distribute selected CLIPS via until the end of 2009. During the campaign period October 28th – early December 2008 the rights were exclusive. The supported CLIPS may only be distributed by – or as part of a viral marketing for CLIPS on streams the films in a Flash player. Since it is easy to download a streaming film, the DFI acquires the rights for streaming as well as downloading. The films may find their way to other sites than,, and, which we cannot control. Participants and third party rights holder must be prepared for this.

The DFI also acquires the rights to distribute the films without any fees on the same terms and conditions as stated in the Danish Film Institute Terms and Conditions for Support for Short films and Documentary films dated October 1st 2008. In practice this means on