Are you applying at the Film Workshop? Do you want to submit a strong application? The Film Workshop arranges a workshop to help you create a strong application – particularly for documentary projects and first time applicants – for the submission round. The workshop is in January, April and October prior to the deadline for the submission round.

Udviklingsworkshop Januar 2016

Development workshop January 2016

The primary goal of the Development Workshop is to provide you with advice and guidance, to make it clear to the commissioners who you are and what you want. Therefore this workshop is primarily for first time applicants and applicant who, in general, do not have much experience in this specific way of communicating.

Program for the April workshop:

March 31st, 12PM: Deadline for project idea. Send your project idea to prami@filmworkshop.dk using the same application form as the one used in the actual submission round. Fill in and send only what you have at the current time. There is a capacity of 10 teams max. – producer, writer and editor can also participate along with the director.

April 4th, 6PM-10PM: Presentation of the workshop managers, networking between the participating teams, and we talk about what makes a good application

The following days: The workshop managers will hold individual development meetings that last 30-45 minutes. The meeting can lead to a request for a rewriting of the script or production of pilot.

The teams develop / produce pilots and so on.

April 25th, 6Pm-10Pm.  All the teams pitch their project to the workshop managers. The structure of this event is the same as the professional events: 7 minutes pitch, including visual presentation, 7 minutes questions and comments from the workshop managers. All participants are present.

The workshop was conducted by Mille Haynes and manager of the Film Workshop, Prami Larsen.