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The purpose of the project DOX CONNECTED in 2007 was to boost the young, socially committed documentary directors. We called for ideas for film, that pin down the consequences of the changes Denmark has undergone within family, the welfare state, leisure and work. We wanted to see the impact of the self-appointed network that plays a major role in competition with the family and the public institutions. We wanted to see it visually in original, bold an innovative ways.

The participants were offered workshops, seminars and idea generation with professional commissioners to get a sharper perspective, to provoke their prejudice, learn how to transform thoughts and ideas into documentary images, in dramatic and audience engaging activities.

DOX CONNECTED did not only address directors. We encouraged producers, researchers, editors, writers, and photographers to participate.

DOX CONNTECTED was introduced at 2 events on September 6th and 13th 2007 in Bio Carl, Cinemateket.

Rules for production – the 10 rules:

  1. The director must be under the age of 28 at the time of the application deadline September 27th 2007.
  2. The production crew must participate in seminars and workshops
  3. The film project must keep within the theme: “Network.”
  4. The internet must be included in the project proposal from the outset
  5. The selection will be made by an editorial team consisting of the two external commissioners, Max Kestner and Lotte Lindegaard, head of production Monica Helström and manager Prami Larsen.
  6. The project must collaborate with a producer in a private production company.
  7. Up to 10 projects will be selected to produce a dummy and can apply for a maximum of 20.000 DKK in development support and get access to equipment
  8. Up to 5 projects will be selected for production support and can apply for up to 50.000 DKK in cash aid and gets access to equipment ¨
  9. Distribution and rights will be cleared immediately after the projects have received the grant.
  10. Put everything on the line! To innovate you must take chances.

The following projects received a grant. Director and working title:

Christian Vium : Struggling Along

Maria Kongerslev : Folkevalgt (Elected)

Didde Elnik : A Leaf Falls to the Sky

Jette Hye Jin Mortensen : Adopnation