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Grafik fra "Doxwise Dagbog" af Michael Noer og Julie Pedersen / Copenhagen Bombay (2008)

Graphics from “Doxwise Dagbog” (“Doxwise Diary”)by Michael Noer and Julie Pedersen / Copenhagen Bombay (2008)


The Danish Film Institute started a new type of funding, with application deadline October 26th, 2006, for support for documentary film projects that use the internet in the most innovative way.

The frames for the projects were: “The internet must be part of the production and/or distribution as long as the distribution is part of the overall concept of the project.”


We are looking for projects that develop, reflect or move the film art. This could be a change in perception of the work or in the meeting between the audience and the work. Specifically we are looking for projects that use the possibilities of the internet in the production. This could for example be a total rearrangement of the project development, from a verbal to a visual presentation of the idea. Or it could be inclusion of the internet as part of the communicative reality, that is now represented by the internet, especially to children and young people but also to singles, gamers and gamblers. The project could also start with getting film material from the internet or access to closed social spaces. Or the focus could be on network building – a kind of community for film. It could be anything that is thought of today and is happening tomorrow.


The applications will be evaluated from an artistic point of view with some emphasis on radicality and innovation. (From the project description)

The editorial team, consisting of Henrik Føhns, Anders Geertsen, Makene Flindt Pedersen, Poul Vestergaard, Dola Bonfils and the present writer received a total of 21 project proposals.

The following 5 projects received support:

“The Perfect Muslim” /Fenar Ahmad / FINAL CUT PRODUCTIONS ApS / Development support

“Little Earth Quakes” / Jeppe Rønde Jensen /COSMO DOC ApS /Production support for website

“Rambo – A Different Kind of Angel” website /Jakob Høgel/ COSMO DOC ApS /Production support website

“Mit Parallelle Liv” (“My Parallelle Life” /Bente Milton, Mikkel Stolt / MILTON MEDIA ApS / Development support

“Vesterbro – Dox NetWise” /Sarita Christensen, Michael Noer / COPENHAGEN BOMBAY ApS / Production support web films

The total aid amounts to almost 900.000 DKK

So far, the projects have shown that by developing more platforms and windows, virtual worlds and parallel lives, new ways of doing research and project development, the actual need for funds has changed for some types of documentary productions. It is with the desire to see documentary films be successful in the competition with other media, and especially to reach the younger audience in this competition, that an opening of the possibilities of funding for web integration is desirable.