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“The regional talent development will grow stronger through a close, committed cooperation between the existing film workshops (Copenhagen, Odense, Viborg and Aarhus).” The Film Agreement 2015-2018.

Et resultat af det nye samarbejde Screen Talent Europe – foto fra etablerende møde 29. november 2014 i Aarhus

Result of the new cooperation Screen Talent Europe – Photo from the establishing meeting November 29th, 2014, Aarhus.

With the Film Agreement for 2015-2018 the Parliament endorsed the proposal for changes in the film workshops’ talent development described in “Future Film” (Film Agreement Section 10   – pdf for download).

Following are the headlines of some of the goals the Danish Film Institute and the film workshops aim to achieve in a committed cooperation:


“We wish to create a national deal med regional representation – the same offer applying nationally with respect for the regional differences.

We want to create an independent organization with potential to attract funding from other sources than the Danish Film Institute and the municipalities – Danish and Nordic as well as private and public foundations and Creative Europe.

We will create better conditions for talent development with better financing of talent programs.

We will enhance the diversity through several outreach projects and labs, which not only challenges the film language but also gives access to the film media to communities that normally would not feel welcome in this growing creative field.

We will be able to afford to provide the workshops with several production lines and technical support to experiment with the cross field between computer games and linear narrative, between cinema and internet distribution and between camera and software developed motion picture.

We will find the resources to create online tools such as a DFI-book, where you can find team members for talent movies, a forum for professional discussions and other possibilities that will make us independent of Facebook and other platforms.

We will create better conditions for the commercial talent development. We will be able to apply for funding from corporate foundations to support business incubation in a way that is currently not within frames of the Film Act.

We will create a stronger organization with knowledge sharing, method development and a professionally connected environment. The administrative cooperation will make us able to create a better talent development aimed at a global market for motion picture.

Finally, we will have the resources to build an international cooperation, so the internationalization of the film medium can be part of the talent development I Denmark.

(Speech by Henrik Bo Nielsen, Aarhus, autumn of 2014)