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FILM-X is the interactive film studio of the Film House for children and adolescents. This is where you can meet the magic of film and be part of a rousing learning process transforming idea to finished film in just a few hours.

Recording in Studio 1

Recording in Studio 1


The technical equipment in FILM-X is easy to operate, so you can easily focus on the creative work on the film. If you are well prepared, you can actually make very special film in one single visit.

FILM-X is open for schools during the week and open for all children and the weekends.

In 1995 the Film Workshop participated in building the film exhibition “Moving Images” (“Gå til Filmen”) in the Experimentarium. When the exhibition was set up in the basement of the Experimentarium after three years of travelling, it was the natural choice to offer the exhibition, wholly or partly, to the new Film House. While the thoughts and ideas behind the exhibition still appealed to the need of children and adolescents to experience the magic of film, the technology had made tremendous leaps.

In 1999 it is decided to develop a new interactive e film studio for children, which focuses on giving children and adolescents insight in production within a very limited timeframe. The Film Workshop participated in the development of FILM-X, both in terms of flow and content, and in the technique developed to make it easy and lively to work with. It did not quite turn out that way. We were pioneers and had to invent most of it ourselves. It took three years, several meetings, attempts and long working hours before we opened the doors. The Film Workshop is still in charge of managing the technique and the development of new background films.