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How many of the directors, who have received support from the Film Workshop since 1970, have had success in the film or television industry? This is a way to measure what the state gets in return for spending millions on the Film Workshop every year. Below you will find directors divided in different categories:

  • Feature film directors, Short film directors and Documentary directors and artists.

The list does not distinguish between directors, who started their film career at the Film Workshop, directors who were in the middle of their professional career, or directors who did one small project at the Film Workshop.

The list is made based on the data in the Film Workshop database and information in the DFI catalogue, private web pages and film databases. More than 800 people have, according to the Film Workshop database, directed a film, video, video installation or other film work with support from the Film Workshop since the opening in 1970. The database contains more than 1200 pieces of independent work. The list is composed on October 17th, 2002 and updated continuously.

  • A Feature Film director is a person who directed a film of a minimum of 80 minutes that has been distributed in cinema.
  • Short film and Documentary directors have directed titles, that are or were in the DFI catalogue (previously SFC distribution) or have directed considerable film or television programmes.