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Kamikaze was a talent development initiative launched by the Film Workshop under the Danish Film Institute in 2009. The aim was to get as many young people as possible to introduce innovative and challenging ideas for film on several platforms – only limited by the imagination. The most ground-breaking ideas received production support.

Kamikaze was managed by three competent commissioners. Advertising expert Philip Einstein Lipski, who among other things was responsible for launching “Men who hate women”, the critically acclaimed film director Martin de Thurah, who delivered a film that appears in the Danish Pavillion EXPO 2010. And last, but not least, the documentary director Michael Noer, whose film “Wild Hearts”, collected several festival awards, and is currently debuting with the feature film “R”. These three gentlemen will not only be arbiters of taste and evaluate the submitted ideas. They will also mentor the young project participants helping them make their new – hopefully crazy and fun ideas – flourish.



On Friday September 18th, 2009, the three commissioners participated in an inspirational event, where many people turned up to share and exchange ideas.

Among the submitted applications 11 projects were chosen to participate in the KAMIKAZE workshop on October 29th-31st.

After the workshop the projects continued into the third phase. Two projects were then selected for production support. These two projects were pre launched at the CPH:PIX in April 2010.