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The Danish Film Workshops’ outreach project 2014


About Nordic Twilight

The genre film such as the zombie drama, sci-fi, vampire story, horror film and any other genre that might need innovation. We cannot beat the Americans or those with money invested in that field. That is why the Film Workshop sought innovation and wildness – a Nordic touch for genre film.

We aim for high levels of originality and technical execution, but first, the story, conflict, drama and characters work must.

We are looking to be inspired and learn from the very best in the country and abroad. Not only the best directors and scriptwriters but also production designers, animators and special effects people should teach at seminars and workshops in the early autumn.

“Nordic Twilight” was launched in June and August all over the country. Through open events, we put genre film on the agenda where Danish directors and others in the film industry spoke inspiringly about their experience in working with genre film.

Deadline was September 4th at 12pm and the editorial process began.


Rules for production

  1. 30 minutes max. preferably told as a series
  2. It must be a genre film
  3. The more open the project is to participation and development the better. Emphasis will be on innovation in production and/or distribution: Does the project use crowd sourcing, new technologies, app on iPad or somehow break with the traditional ways?
  4. After crash courses, workshops and project development, up to four projects will get the opportunity to produce a pilot or an animatic supported with 20.000 DKK max., and access to equipment in the regional workshop.
  5. Up to three films will be selected based on pitch of the pilot and will each receive up to 100.000 DKK and access to the regional workshop.
  6. Director, writers and producers must participate in the crash courses
  7. All rights and earnings goes to the crew
  8. The workshops have the rights to internal screenings of the produced films without any compensation
  9. The productions must be ready for screening no later than August 2015 in Odense Film Festival
  10. Deadline for project proposals is September 4th at 12pm. Submit your proposal to your regional film workshop – all animation projects for Open Workshop – a form must be used.

Script workshops and seminars about production design, budgeting and production of special effects will be organised for the projects selected in the editorial meeting September 15th.  The editorial staff receives the material on October 27th and will then select five projects to continue into the next phase at a meeting on November 3rd.These projects will produce a pilot at get access to equipment and up to 20.000 DKK in support. On September 16th the five projects will present the pilot and pitch the projects to the editorial staff. Then three projects will be selected to receive support for production. In the next phase, the projects must make a production and financing plan before the support can be paid. Changes in the time schedule may occur.