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A European Film Workshop cooperation

Are you filming in Ireland? Does your sound designer live in Hamburg or do you need the mountains in Norway?

Screen Talent Europe paves the way for support from the cooperating film workshops. On May 19th 2015 the partners in the network signed an agreement on support conditions which makes it easier to co – produce with the different countries in the network. The countries involved are Ireland, Northern Germany, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland and the Faroe Islands. We are working on getting more countries involved such as Scotland, Finland, France, Lithuania, Greenland and Iceland.

Deltagerne ved underskrivelsen af aftalen Berlin 10. februar 2015

The participants at the signing of the agreement in Berlin, Febuary 10th, 2015

This agreement facilitates co-productions across the participating countries. If you have been granted support from one of the workshops, you can get help from the head of the unit to get recommended for an additional grant in one of the other cooperating workshops. It does, however, require that you have a valid reason for filming, editing or otherwise produce in different countries.

The idea is that if 2-3 film workshops work together and share the access to equipment and the usually very limited cash funds, you can actually show that you have a fairly large core funding. This makes the project more attractive for the EU and Nordic funds and support schemes, which means that projects that initially cannot be carried out for only DKK. 20,000 and some equipment, could actually reach several hundred thousand DKK in cash aid. Ultimately, the partners in the network are different. Some have good equipment but no money, some bad equipment but more money. Some have neither, but as the Faraoe Islands, some have stunning scenery and talented story tellers.


Already the network is cooperating in EPIC, Emerging Producers International Co -production Network , Faroese Tales and other joint projects for young filmmakers.

The Cooperation Agreement of 10 February 2015 – opens in pdf

Co – support agreement of May 19, 2015 – opens in pdf