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"Pervert Park" af Frida og Lasse Barkfors

“Pervert Park” by Frida and Lasse Barkfors

The Film Workshop supports young film talents by giving access to professional equipment, financial aid for the basic production costs, access to support from the other Workshops in the country and the partners in Screen Talent Europe. To submit an application you either have to have a Danish address or a Danish co-producer.

We hold several seminars, workshops and other inspirational and challenging events.

We support  production of short fiction, documentary, feature film and short film or other filmic projects combining different genres and platforms. We have four annual submission rounds, where the commissioners primarily take the director’s experience and potential into consideration. When evaluating the project, we focus on the idea, originality and the desire for filmmaking – and we also consider whether your experience matches the format of your project. You do not need a producer in order to apply.



We also support completion of film with a duration time of more than 50 minutes ( unless it is animation), that have not been granted support from other support schemes under the DFI, or film that have already received production support from the Film Workshop, but have increased the production in the process.

This requires a first edited version to show the qualities of the film, a producer who believes in the project and a distribution agreement with a film distributor or a nationwide TV-station who are willing to invest in the distribution. You can apply for up to 100,000 DKK + access to the Film Workshop’s equipment. Submit your application at one of the four annual submission rounds and the film commissioners will evaluate the application.


Finally, we support professional film artists, who wish to experiment and innovate the film media. Contrary to New Danish Screen, the Film Workshop does not require a producer. The support is limited to access to equipment and a maximum of 20,000 DKK