Next application deadline is February the First, 12 PM

Application form production – in Danish

Her er en overskrift til Historie 4

“YOLO” by Marie Grathø

We only accept Word, Excel and PDF-files. Send the enclosures in as few files as possible to make sure the film commissioner reads the entire application.

Enclose other relevant material to the application such as pilot clips, relevant research material, photos/graphics, selections of previous work etc. Larger files can be sent via DropBox or WeTransfer – remember to write name of sender or name of the project to which the file belongs. The film can also be sent as a link. See instructions for uploading film on Vimeo or Youtube here

We will send you an email to confirm the receipt of your application the day after the application deadline at 2pm at the latest.

For further information please read Terms and Conditions for Production Support and Completion Support, the other links on the webpage an Instructions – How to use The Film Workshop – (PDF-documents). For budget forms and other information please go to Beneficiary.

You are welcome to contact the Manager of The Film Workshop Prami Larsen – prami@filmworkshop.dk – with any question you might have.

We encourage first time applicants to participate in the “Strengthen your Application” workshop, which is in January, April and October.



Support primarily consists of access to professional equipment and production lines.

Once a project has received a Letter of Commitment, it is possible to apply for a number of other types of support up to:

  • DKK 20.000,- for production costs
  • DKK 5.000,- for mentors
  • DKK 10.000 for translation, if you are working in a language that is foreign to other members of the crew
  • Access to equipment and support from other workshops in ‘Film Talent’ (Terms and Conditions for support for additional support from other workshop) as well as Screen Talent EuropeTERMS co-support STE- 23 03 2015

There is no support to hire a crew.


Any person over the age of 18 can apply for access to use the Film Workshop. The applicant must be resident in Denmark, but does not need to be a Danish citizen. The applicant must preferably be the director of the project. In certain cases, however, a person with a different function in the crew can apply. Since one of the conditions to obtain support is that the project must have a Danish producer or co-producer (cf. Film law §17) a “producer” with a different function than director on the crew can apply on behalf of a foreign director.

There are no age limits, but the Film Workshop is mainly for young filmmakers, who whish to work in film, TV, game or media.

The director of the project needs to show something – a scene, a short film, a pilot etc. that shows, that the director can tell a story in motion picture. Music videos and commercials are rarely enough, as they do not contain scenes with dialogues.

The length and extent of the project should correspond to the director’s experience. Start by applying for support for short films of 11-12 min – even if you have previously produced longer films.


For fiction projects; feature film or short film the applicant must follow the common guidelines for pitch, treatment and script. You can find these under Fiction. A script must be enclosed the application. For projects developed through improvisation the application must include a description of the method used to develop the story during the filming.


We have plenty of good advice for documentary applications – read here.


Animation and film with extensive use of special effects are referred to Open Workshop in Viborg. The Film Workshop does not support animation as such and only special effects to a limited extent. Support for VFX is currently not possible at the Film Workshop / Copenhagen.


Applicants can apply for support from other sources, as long as the terms for support do not contradict the terms of the Film Workshop. However, it is not possible to apply for support for the same project at the same time from the Film Workshops in Viborg, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen.

For further information you are welcome to contact The Film Workshop; 7199 3366 or prami@filmworkshop.dk.

You can also participate in the activities in our Facebook group.