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On April 30th 2003, we were able to show you the results of more than two years of hard work with the project “The interactive Film”. By the time of the deadline February 15th 2001 we had already received 67 written project applications and 63 personal project applications.

“Switching” – an interactive feature film for DVD-video

“Forestillinger” (”Imaginations”) – a broadband documentary

“Wash & Go” (“Storvask”) –  a filmic game for children. The project was later supported by New Danish Screen and was shown on DR (Danish National Broadcasting Corporation) as a series for children.


The project “The Interactive Film” was a collaborative project financed by:

The Danish Film Institute

The Ministry of Culture Development Fund

DFI The Film Workshop


“Forestillinger” (“Imaginations”) has received support consisting of archive rights from DR and Barok Film

“Switching” received support for script from Media Programme of the European Union

“Wash & Go” received support from the Ministry of Education Media Office


Technical coordinator DFI:

Poul Vestergaard

Producer DFI:

Ene Katrine Rasmussen

Editorial staff:

Mogens Jacobsen, Lars Qvortrup, Erik Stephensen, Camilla Lyngbo Hjort, Karin Søndergaard, Ole Ivanhoff

Project management DFI:

Lars Feilberg and Prami Larsen