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 – Danish and foreign examples of webisodes

Danish examples of webisodes:

“Robin Färdig” by Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen


“Alla Salute” by Aske Bang and Allan Hyde


“Doxwise Dagbog I & II” (“Doxwise Diary I & II”) by Michael Noer and Julie Pedersen

Link not available

“Pinly & Flau – en mobil-webisode” (Pinly & Flau – a mobile webisode”) by Martin Strange Hansen

http://www.pinlyflau.com/pinlyflau.com/index.html – requires Quicktime – or find them on YouTube – search for Pinly & Flau


From Martin Strange-Hansen:

“Even though they are a couple of years old, they still have something: simplicity, a strong idea, and the possibility for variety determines whether a webisode becomes successful.

“Ctrl” which is interesting because it is supported by NBC, uses a simple concept effectively. One location, the same actors, variation of the same settings and a clear and playful narrative.


“Mr Deity” is based on a very simple and clear idea. Production wise it gets a lot out of very little, the idea, especially acting and dialog carries the concept. It is supported by donations.


“Toyboize” In this Bafta nominated series we are in the mockumentary department, using office and pop cultural references, which makes it both painful and joyful to watch. A simple idea, where every episode feels like a progression towards an agonizing sink. Great acting.

Toyboize episodes are available on toyboize tv –and on youtube.

“Itsjerrytime” in this case it is not so much the idea, but the personal and very personal voice giving character to the series. This series inspired me to do Pinly and Flau, because I became aware of the possibility of creating identification in short web series.


“Happy Tree Friends.” Probably one of the most successful web series. Maybe you know it. Little cute animals and extreme violence and guts are connected on the internet.


And then there is Jerry Seinfelds recent series “Comedians in cars getting coffee”, which to a high degree draws on his guest actor’s personas. Production wise is it very simple. It has a very lose structure, that works well with the jazzy improvised style, which is part of the strength of the series.


Lisa Kudrow’s series “Web Therapy”, produced by HBO, is also worth to watch. A simple idea and a main character opening up to variety of the theme, is the foundation of the concept.


And then there is “You suck at photo shop” which is both pretty funny and educational. Although everything takes place on the main character’s computer and he just gives tutorials about how to use the tools in photo shop, you are inadvertently drawn into the desperate voice and the marital drama, which is pretty fun to follow.



A big thank you to Martin Strange-Hansen for allowing us to share these examples.