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 100.000 for your Webisode

The project is finished and the funds have been awarded.

This is was the post:


Do you have an idea for a webisode – an online series? The four major film workshops in Denmark has an offer for you.

December 3rd we are going to choose up to three of the best ideas. Each will get 100.000 in production support and access to equipment in the regional film workshop.

If your project is chosen after the first submission round on October 11th, you will get the chance to participate in crash courses about production, writing series and project development.

Deadline is November 8th for submission of project description. November 11th the five best ideas will receive support consisting of 10.000 and access to equipment to produce a pilot/animatic.

The final decision will be made at a pitching session on December 3rd.

The series must be available online no later than august 2014.

Rules for production

  1. Six episodes max. of five minutes
  2. Theme and genre is your choice – documentary, drama, horror, hybrid etc.
  3. The more open the project is open to participation in development and production the better. Emphasis will be on innovation in production and/or distribution form. Does the project use crowd sourcing, new technologies, app on iPad or in any other way breaks with tradition?
  4. The best ideas for three webisodes will each get up to 100.000 in support and access to equipment in the region workshop.
  5. Director, writer(s) and producers must participate in the crash courses
  6. All rights and earnings goes to the crew
  7. The workshops have the right for internal screening of the webisodes without any compensation
  8. The productions must be ready for screening no later than august 2014
  9. Deadline for project ideas is October 11th at 12pm. Submit your idea at your regional workshop – all animation project proposals must be submitted at the Open Workshop – use form.


The Facebook page ”Din Webisode”


Open Workshop Viborg.

Info meeting: September 25th, 3pm at The Animation Workshop / Arsenalet, Parolesalen, Kasernevej 8-10, 8800 Viborg

Film commissioner: Frederik Villumsen

Submit application to:

Web page:


Film Workshop Aarhus

Info meeting: September 25th, 8pm, Godsbanen, Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C

Film commissioner: Morten Hartz Kaplers

Submit application to:

Web page: /


Film Workshop Odense

Info meeting: September 26th, 4pm

Film commissioner: Carsten Islington

Submit application to:

Web page:


The Film Workshop / DFI

Info meeting: September 24th, 7pm, Gothersgade 55, 4. 1123 København K – to sign up contact

Film commissioner: Prami Larsen

Submit application to:

Web page: