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Dato: 12. juni 2019

Tid: 10.00-14.00

Sted: Amager. Peter will give you further instructions on the exact meeting point


Niveau: alle / Fag: Tonemestre / Sprog: Engelsk


The Film Workshop is together with Brugergruppen hosting a vehicle recording class – instructed by sound designer Peter Seeba. This workshop with a vehicle recording session will be targeted people that have only a limited experience with sound design and want to learn more, but also targeted more experienced sound designers who would like the experience of recording a vehicle to add to their sound libraries.

What will you get:

  • you will learn vehicle recording preparation; what you need to think about before your session and what to bring to your recording session.
  • how to label and “Slate” the recordings for later editing.
  • teach how and where to set up recorders and microphones. As well as microphone techniques.
  • learn about microphone placement based on the particular vehicle; being thoughtful of wind and engine placement.
  • learn about how much time is needed if you are by yourself.

The workshop is aimed at sound designers or any one who’s aspiring to make sound. It is an advantage if you have some knowledge about sound equipment, but Peter will let you know what you might need prior to the workshop. There will be no editing on site, but you will dump all of the sound files on location to Peters hard-drive and then he will send a link to you so that you can keep all of the raw files.

Peter Seeba is educated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and has professional experience in sound design, film mixing, dialogue editing, sound effects recording and editing. He has been involved in many films at The Film Workshop and works as a freelance sound designer in Copenhagen. You can read more on all his work at

Pris: 250 kr. inkl. moms og frokost

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