Veselin Efremov and Silvia Rasheva from Unity Technologies join the lineup of speakers at Picture This_17 to share their experience in using the Unity game engine in the production of their short demo films.

Presenting the case study of their real-time rendered sci-fi short film “Adam,” the filmmakers will discuss the future of game technology in film production and how it can make the film production pipeline smoother. They will give examples of projects where game technology is already being used in the film industry and the variety of ways it can fit within a film pipeline.

The film’s photorealistic visuals, made with cutting edge technology with high fidelity physics simulation and tools including volumetric fog, a transparency shader and motion blur, shows the future of not only animation, but visual effects in live-action films. Compared to the traditional CG process, the Unity engine’s real-time technology visualization significantly optimizes the workflow and allows for creative freedom to experiment.

Veselin Efremov has 16 years of experience as an artist and art director in the game development industry, while Silvia Rasheva’s background is in CG production, post-production and VFX. For the two short films created with the Unity game engine, “The Blacksmith” (2015) and “Adam” (2016), Efremov is the writer, director and art-director and Rasheva the producer.

Unity Technologies was founded by Nicholas Francis, Joachim Ante and David Helgason in a basement in Copenhagen in 2004. Today, the company is headquartered is in San Francisco and has offices in 14 countries. The Unity software is used for almost half of all games developed, including Temple Run, Subway Surfer, Monument Valley, Hitman Go, Hearthstone and Pokémon Go.